The Central Valley Beekeepers Association is offering an introductory class on bees and beekeeping. (Please see the Class Schedule for dates and times) (Download the 2013 class brochure - 656KB PDF File)

Our All-Day Backyard Beekeeping class will present in-depth information for beginning beekeepers.  This class includes a live demonstration showing how to open and examine a hive.  There will be a follow-up Field Day at a later date.

Guest Lectures.  We are accepting requests from schools and organizations that would like to have a beekeeper come talk about the importance of bees and pollination.  Please contact us regarding scheduling and cost.

Course Topics

History & Importance

The Colony
Basic bee biology, types of bee, hive activities

Products of the Hive
Honey, wax, pollen and propolis

Apiary Locations and Pollination

Beekeeping Equipment

Obtaining Bees
Swarms, packages, nucs, full colonies

Seasonal Management of Honey Bee Colonies

Pests, Predators, and Diseases
Nosema, Varroa and Tracheal mites, American foulbrood, Chalkbrood, wax moth


In-hive Demonstration

Harvesting Honey

Tips for Aspiring Beekeepers
Regulations, lists of resource materials

We appreciate and thank
The Fresno County Farm Bureau
for again providing the facilities
and their continued support

All classes will be held at the
Fresno Farm Bureau
1274 W, Hedges
Fresno CA  93728

Bring a beekeeping veil & hat if you
want to participate in a demonstration
involving a hive of bees during the
all day Backyard Beekeeping class.

(Please see the Class Schedule for class dates and times)